While filming a fun little video with her infant daughter, a mother went back and watched it, only to find a strange shadow crawling under her toddler's bed.

TikTok via jessicacatanesi
TikTok via jessicacatanesi

Creepy Things Caught on Camera

We've seen weird videos pop up on the internet quite a bit. Some of them have been downright unsettling. This one can be put into the unsettling category.

Jessica Catanesi has said in her video that, “I made this TikTok for fun with my daughter and just left it in drafts. When I went back to watch it, I saw something crawling under my son’s bed. My husband had both of our dogs with him, and I was home alone with my daughter when I recorded this.”

In the comments, Jessica followed up by saying that pest control didn’t find any rodents on the property, and that the family doesn’t own any cats or small animals that could fit under the bed.

But that's not all! Jessica has done follow-up videos, and tried her best to show that there was no way that there was anything or anyone under the bed...except maybe "Jessica." No, not the Jessica we've been talking about.

Who is Jessica?

While the mother in question's name is Jessica, the toddler whose bed has a shadow crawling under it, apparently has a shadowy friend that he often talks to at the end of the hall near his room and refers to as "Jessica."

As you can see in the video, the living Jessica takes you on a tour, shows you the possible shadows, windows, everything that it could possibly be, but the shadowy figure under the bed still doesn't make sense.

THEN, she talks about the lights that coincidentally "popped" that morning. And even still, the toddler starts talking about "Jessica," the shadowy figure down the hall that he talks to.

Even more "Jessica" talk!

“Update: asked him if Jessica can come to the living room and talk and she said ‘Jessica is stuck,’ not to make this any more creepier than it already [is],” Jessica wrote in the comments.

"Jessica" seems to be freaking a lot of people in the comments out:


“Whatever it is looked and saw you were filming and then dipped out!”

“Girl I would be packing 😅 I got chills”

The good news, that you'll see at the end of the second video, is that the military believed her that the house was haunted because allegedly they were built on top of a CEMETERY! So, they'll be getting a housing transfer soon.

Users in the comments bring up the point that, "Ok it [sic] you're military and they accepted the transfer based on 'house is haunted' THAT ISH IS HAUNTED CUZ MILITARY WON'T DO ANYTHING EASY, like WOW"

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