A two-day weekend party in western Iowa welcomed hundreds of people with the promise of live bands, partying all night, and a slip-and-slide. Unfortunately, it reportedly turned into an event where several women were sexually assaulted, nearly a dozen people were drugged, and one gun-wielding male attendee threatened others.

Things got out of control at the "Summer Bash," which was held July 17 and 18 at River Farm Recreation along the Raccoon River in Jefferson, Iowa in Greene County.

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Greene County Sheriff Jack Williams told KCCI about the reports of sexual assaults of three young women, a total of 11 people drugged, and the gun threat(s). He said his office is investigating the cases and that he believes security guards that were hired were overwhelmed by underage attendees:

I think that's where they fell short again this time was at the gate. Several of the kids said that one of the ladies was a very big stickler on IDs and then the other two would basically just tell them they looked close enough to 21 and then give them a 21-and-older wristband.

Sheriff Williams has had issues with River Farm Recreation for at least a year. After a party on June 22, 2019, two were arrested for drunk driving, one was arrested for underage possession, and a 60-year-old man directing traffic at the event was killed when he hit a bridge while driving later that night. The Bee Herald says toxicology reports indicated the man's blood alcohol content was .218. His death was ruled natural, due to cardiovascular disease, by the Polk County Medical Examiner. The report couldn't determine if he had had a heart attack before the crash.

Three weeks after that 2019 party, Sheriff Williams cited Craig Flack, owner of River Farm Recreation, for violating a cease and desist order. Flack told the Bee Herald at the time, "I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to be bullied."

After initially announcing last weekend's party would only be open to those 21-and-over, River Farm reversed course on July 6 saying, "We have decided to move forward and return admission age to 18+! We hope (to) see all of you out, and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we initially caused."

Craig Flack admitted to KCCI that last weekend's party got out of control. He said he'd done everything possible and that the offenders should be held responsible.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear this was the first time a party at the property has gotten out of hand. Hopefully, it will be the last time. However, another party is scheduled for next month. Sheriff Williams says deputies from his office, along with private security, will be there to check IDs.

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