The first country concert of the 2017 Great Jones County Fair certainly did not disappoint!

An evening that started off with yet another Severe Thunderstorm warning for Jones County saw the storm almost entirely miss the fairgrounds and an amazing night of music followed.

Big and Rich hit the stage first, following Danielle and Bob announcing the first country headliner for 2018. Big and Rich always brings the party and they certainly didn't disappoint Friday night. Big Kenny and John Rich brought along Cowboy Troy and electrified the crowd from start to finish.

Then came time for Thomas Rhett to take over the stage, and the crowd. That's exactly what he did. He had the massive crowd dancing, cheering, singing along, and wanting for more when he left the stage at 10:53 with the boom of fireworks just seconds behind.

It was yet another Great Jones County Fair performance that saw hugely successful national entertainers clearly flabbergasted by what they were seeing and hearing from the crowd. Thomas Rhett mentioned how he couldn't wait to call his wife Lauren (expecting a child very soon) to tell her about the crowd. During another part of the concert he said it was the biggest crowd he'd performed in front of this year. Still another time he mentioned how the group in the front row was as "lit" as he'd ever seen. You could literally hear the entire front row scream when he said it. They were having SUCH a good time and weren't we all?! Some people were in line for the general admission track at 8:30 a.m., so you better believe they're going to have a great time.

Thank you, Thomas Rhett and Big and Rich, for another incredible night in Jones County. And thank you to all of you who make the Great Jones County Fair what it is... one of the premier fairs in all of America. You, the fans, are a very large part of that. We should NEVER take for granted the stupendous talent that graces the stage each and every year. After all, Keith Urban is tonight. Need I say more?

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