We've been telling you for more than a week that we'd be revealing one of 2018's headliners tonight at the Great Jones County Fair, and we just did!

Saturday night before the Keith Urban/Frankie Ballard show in Monticello stop and see us by the main gate, beginning at 5. We'll be selling raffle tickets for that BIG show in Monticello Thursday, July 19, 2018 with every dollar going to Children's Miracle Network. We'll even announce the winner from the stage Saturday night before the show begins, along with another headliner announcement for next year. You also enter to win track tickets to the show now. Click HERE to download the KHAK app and submit your photo via the menu, shown below.

Danielle Rodgers
Danielle Rodgers

As you can already see, 2018 is going to be another MASSIVE one at the Great Jones County Fair!

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