Thomas Rhett is letting it all hang out at 27, going a little wild before he becomes a father of two. For his birthday on March 30, his wife, Lauren, apparently got him a robe — but not just any robe. Rhett hit Instagram wearing a leopard-print robe, emblazoned with the word "DADDY" in gold letters across the back.

“This is hands down the best gift I’ve ever been given,” Rhett writes, crediting his wife for the present.

According to Lauren's Instagram feed, the two are celebrating in Vegas together — perhaps a last hoorah before they have a daughter biologically and bring home another child from Africa via adoption. While they'll undoubtedly have their hands full, something tells us this couple will have no problem keeping it fun and keeping their relationship a priority in the chaos.

Rhett just released a new song with Maren Morris called “Craving You,” a dancey, 80s-inspired pop-country tune that will turn even the most dreary of moods around. He’s slated to perform the song at the ACM Awards on Sunday (April 2).

“I remember putting it in my truck for the first time, it was like, ‘Dang, this is really, really good,'” Rhett says. “So I put it on hold for forever, and it was one of the ones that kind of stood the test of time. So we didn’t cut the record until probably six or seven months later, and I just remember that one really coming to life in the studio.”

Having Morris on the track made it even better, he adds. “You know, there’s a lot of females that are killing it right now, and Maren is definitely one of those girls whose voice is just undeniably powerful and soulful, and on top of that, just a really sweet person to work with," he explains.

The song is the first single from Rhett's yet-to-be-announced third studio album.

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