Did you know that 70% of Iowa State Fairgoers come for the food?!

I'm ashamed to say that during my one and only visit to the Iowa State Fair, I did NOT eat something on a stick. I know, I'm disappointed in me, too. I ate some other delicious fair foods when I was there a few years ago, but I still feel like I missed a rite-of-passage of sorts. Especially now that I know about all the foods on a stick that are available!

The 2021 Iowa State Fair will officially kick off August 12th and run through August 22nd, and according to the Iowa State Fair's website, there are 69 different foods on a stick available this year! Yes, there are some standard items that are typically served on a stick, like cotton candy, corn dogs, and caramel apples, but there are also a variety of unique options you may not have heard of before. Here are some of the ones listed on the Iowa State Fair website:

  • Deep-Fried Brownie on a Stick
  • Caramel-Dipped Pecan Pie on a Stick
  • Loaded Tators on a Stick
  • Deep-Fried Strawberries, Pineapple, & Peaches on a Stick
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly on a Stick
  • Salad on a Stick
  • Deep-Fried Cherry Pie on a Stick
  • Chicken in a Waffle on a Stick
  • Snickers in a Waffle on a Stick
  • Bacon-Wrapped Deep-Fried Italian Sausage on a Stick

Check out all 69 foods on a stick HERE.

And speaking of fair food, the Iowa State Fair recently released a list of all 63 new concession stand items that will be available in 2021! You can check those out HERE.

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