Nothing is worse than when it's lunchtime at work, you're starving, and you get to the fridge just to see that your food is GONE. I've personally experienced a food thief at work, and I can tell you first-hand that it majorly sucks. One woman and her husband decided to get revenge on a sneaky coworker in a very HOT way.

A man on Reddit recently posted a story about how his wife continually has her lunch stolen by one of her coworkers, so he decided to take action. He made his wife some buffalo wings to bring to work, but they weren't your ordinary buffalo wings. He covered them in Blair's 4am Reserve, which is 7,476 times spicier than Tabasco, and also some ghost pepper chili powder, one of the world's HOTTEST chilies. Don't worry, he tasted one to make sure somebody wouldn't DIE.

Then his wife brought the wings to work and left them in the fridge. Just before lunch, she heard someone yelling in the kitchen. Turns out, somebody had eaten her wings, and he spent a good period of time in the bathroom vomiting uncontrollably.

Nobody has touched her food since :)