It's always a good day when I find out there's an Iowa restaurant that has combined two of my favorite foods!

I was scrolling through the site Only in Your State this morning, when I came across an article titled, "Dare To Try The Macarrito In Iowa, A Burrito Stuffed With Mac & Cheese." 

Hold up. A burrito stuffed with mac & cheese?! I had to know more.

The Macarrito is a popular menu item at Cheesy Cow Mac & Cheesery, a restaurant that was opened by Beth and Greg Aronson in Bettendorf back in 2018. According to their Facebook page, the Macarrito wasn't on the original menu when Cheesy Cow first opened. It was actually added in December of 2019.

As you can see from the photo above, the Macarrito is much more than just mac & cheese stuffed into a tortilla. There are actually five different varieties you can order, including Pulled Pork, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Walking Taco, Buffalo Chicken Bacon Blue, and Steak Fajita.

In addition to the Macarritos, the restaurant also features melts, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas, and FOURTEEN different kinds of mac & cheese! There's an original flavor, but I don't know how you could choose that when there are options like Jalapeno Popper Mac, Loaded Baked Potato Mac, Pepperoni Pizza Mac, and Cheeseburger Mac.

After looking through photos, I have decided that I will 100% be making the trip to Bettendorf this summer. I might need to take a nap in my car before I attempt to drive back, but I fully believe it will be worth it.

We have plenty of other locally-owned restaurants here in Iowa that serve amazing mac & cheese! Here are a few of my favorites:

Courtlin's Favorite Iowa Mac & Cheese

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