Summer is right around the corner, and so are some new flavors of Pop-Tarts!

Pop-Tarts is ringing in the summer with four new summery flavors, and if you love dessert, you're gonna want to try them. Early last week, Pop-Tarts revealed the first three flavors in their summer lineup: Tropical Mango, Lemon Crème Pie, and Peach Cobbler.

An article from Best Products reads:

"Just based off of the names of the flavors, you know exactly what you’re getting with each. The Peach Cobbler has orange filling and orange frosting, the Lemon Crème Pie has yellow filling and yellow frosting, and the Tropical Mango has yellow filling with orange specks and a light yellow frosting drizzle."

If you think those sound good, just wait until you hear about the OTHER new flavor! Just a couple of days after the first announcement, it was revealed that Pop-Tarts has a Banana Crème Pie one on the way, too! According to Yahoo, this one will be sold in packages of 16 and will be exclusive to Walmart. The others will be available in packages of eight and will be sold all over the place.

When can you expect to try all these new Pop-Tarts flavors? Unfortunately, not until June. I'm not really a huge fan of pie or mango, but I think that the peach cobbler one sounds DELICIOUS. That's the one I'm the most excited to try. What about you? Would you try any of these new flavors? Let us know in the comments below!

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