Growing up in Iowa, you get used to towns with strange or unusual names. Towns like Ely, Delhi, or Madrid are just a few that cause people some pronunciation issues here in the Hawkeye state. But strange city names are all over the country and some are just too much!

The real estate company Estately compiled a list of some of the most oddly named towns in the United States. Estately has real estate listings in 39 states but it gathers data on trends in all U.S. states. They wanted to honor all the great, strange, small towns out there with names you'll never forget! Let's get to the highlights!

How could we not lead off with a town named Booger Hole. Sorry, West Virginia. Some aren't nearly as entertaining. Dull, Ohio and Boring, Oregon can't be as dismal as their names allude, can they? Other town names make sense. Volcano, Hawaii. I get it. Nicely done! Jackpot, Nevada. Oh, I see what you did there! So what Iowa town was voted the most unique or strange?

What Cheer, Iowa is the winner. The town was originally named Petersburg when it was founded in 1865. But that name was rejected by the Post Office so a new name had to be chosen. Joseph Andrews, a Civil War veteran, suggested the name What Cheer and the town was officially renamed on December 1st, 1879.

You can check out a map of more strange city names across the U.S. HERE.


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