On the premiere episode of The Voice's season 14, there were quite a few talented contestants. But only one made all four coaches turn their chairs around.

That vocalist happened to be Justin Kilgore, who won over the audience — and the coaches — not only with his version of Chris Young's "Tomorrow," but with his powerful story behind his journey to the hit reality show.

Kilgore gave an emotional explanation of growing up in small-town Buffalo, Texas, knowing he was gay but feeling unable to express himself. He worked on his family's farm, and was involved in cheerleading at the local high school. After graduating, he decided to pursue country music, and moved to Austin, where he began working on his dream.

However: "I've never been out of the closet when I did country music," he told the audience. "The Voice is the first opportunity that I have to be my myself in my entire life."

Kilgore was accompanied by his mother on the show, who noted she was supportive of her son and glad to know he was finally able to reveal his true self. "I'm so proud of him for just taking that step forward," she said. "I hope this is his time to show everyone who he really is."

Although Kilgore clearly won over all the coaches, he also inadvertently triggered the night's most dramatic move—a "block" against Blake Shelton that prevented the country superstar from vying to tempt Kilgore over to his team. The block is a new feature, and each coach is only allowed one block to use.

Despite being banned from Shelton's team, Kilgore didn't seem too put out, happily choosing Kelly Clarkson instead. As he explained, he's a huge Reba McEntire fan—and Clarkson is married to Reba's stepson!

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