If you have kids or are a kid at heart and like to play video games, then chances are you've probably heard of the game that just about everyone is obsessed with.

Reviews.org started to put together a list of the video game that each state was obsessed with. That list quickly switched gears when they realized that all of the data was showing one game was standing out in EVERY state.

Iowa, like every other state in the nation, has a clear obsession with Fortnite. If you're not familiar, Fortnite is an online video game that has three different modes: Save The World, Creative, and Battle Royale. According to entertainment.ie, here's a breakdown of the modes.

  • Save The World is "a game mode where players are working together to fight off zombies, gather up resources and defended houses or bases from attack". No real story, just survival and construction.
  • Creative, "gives players the opportunity to make their own private map with buildings, obstacles, whatever - and invite players to that island where they can have their own matches."
  • Battle Royale (mot popular mode) where "players are dropped on an island with no weapons, and then have to search the island for supplies and weapons to survive. Each match will have 100 players and they can team up together and form a squad of four, a duo of two, or simply play alone and try to be the last player standing."

Now that you've got the basics, just look at how many people play thins thing! There are over 250 million active players and last year the game reportedly grossed $3 billion in profit! It beat out games like Minecraft. 


Here are the top states that play. Our neighbor Illinois came in a No. 3!


Iowa and the rest of the U.S. is clearly on the same page with this one.