A new survey done by Yahoo Food named the unofficial state foods for each state in the US, and if you're guessing that Iowa's has something to do with corn, then you're absolutely right!

There are an endless number of foods that define America, but this survey took that to a state-by-state level. So which food defines Iowa? The survey found that grilled sweet corn on the cob is the best representation of our great state! Looking at pictures of it is making me wish for summer...

Here are some of the other unofficial foods for the surrounding states:

  • Illinois - Chicago-style deep dish pizza
  • Minnesota - Tater tot hot dish
  • Missouri - Toasted ravioli
  • Wisconsin - Fried cheese curds
  • South Dakota - Chislic
  • Nebraska - Steak
  • Kansas - BBQ

Did this survey get it right? Or should Iowa's unofficial food have been something else? Let us know in the comments.

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