If you scanned your social media pages yesterday, you no doubt saw a lot of standing brooms. Why? Well according to several posts I saw, the folks at NASA said that the earth's gravitational pull was at just the right angle or level that a broom would stand straight up. Here is one such post.


There is just one problem. According to CNN and others who looked into the posts, they couldn't find any official statement from NASA or anyone else about the earth's gravitational pull. In fact, you can get a broom to stand up like this ANY day of the year.

While a broom standing up on its own has nothing to do with the gravitational pull on a certain day, it does have to do with gravity. The center of gravity on a broom is low and rests right above the bristles. That means is you get those bristles positioned like a tripod, the broom will stand up on its own, any day of the year.

The sad thing is the above video is from 2012, so this broom standing thing has come and gone once or twice before. Sorry NASA.

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