We have plenty of BIG things in Iowa, but a few things are so big that they hold an actual world record. The website Estately used data from the Guinness World Records to figure out what each state has that's larger than in any other state. Iowa didn't have nearly as many results as other states, but we definitely have some interesting records! Here were the winners for the state of Iowa:

Clog Dance - According to the Guinness World Records website, the world's largest clog dance occurred back in 2010 in Pella, Iowa. The event was organized by the Pella Historical Society for the Tulip Time festival, and there were 2,605 participants.

Paper Snowflake - The Guinness World Records site states that the world's largest paper snowflake was created by Christa Faye Hanson in Kanawha, Iowa in 2012. It had a diameter of 4.43 meters, or 14 ft. 6 in.

Ice Cream Sandwich - The book Oddball Iowa says that the world's largest ice cream sandwich was created in Dubuque in 1998 by Hy-Vee employees. Metz Baking Company provided two large cookies and Blue Bunny supplied the ice cream, with the whole thing weighing 2,460 pounds!

To see the results for all 50 states, click HERE.

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