Back in June, it was confirmed that the new football team in Waterloo, IA would be known as the Waterloo Woo. Part of the newly formed Arena League, set to begin play in 2024, the Woo gets its name based on the city's history as both a railroad town ("woo" like the noise from a train whistle) and its popularity as a haven for wrestling (Ric Flair's signature "woo").

The Woo will play at The Hippodrome, which is located on the National Cattle Congress, which used to host many WWF, NWA, and WCW events. I already commented how I think "Woo" is a less-than-ideal name. Frankly, it sounds like the name of a Pioneer League baseball team.

How the Schedule Shakes Out:

All that being said, the name won't keep me away from hopefully a couple Woo games next season. This week, the Woo released their season schedule. The Waterloo Woo's season will open on the road in Springfield, MO against the Ozarks Lunkers on June 1st, 2024 at 7:05 pm. Their home opener will happen the following week, June 8th, where they will host the Kansas City Goats.

The other team in the four-team Arena League is the Duluth Harbor Monsters. The Woo will visit Duluth on June 29th, enjoy a bye the following week, and then will play once again in Duluth on July 13th. The Woo will not host the Monsters at the Hippodrome, at least in the 2024 season.

What is The Arena League?:

The Arena League will be yet another football league looking to make a name for itself alongside the USFL, XFL, and the AFL, just to name a few. Full Disclosure: the Arena League is NOT the same as the Arena Football League. The Arena Football League began in 1986, folded in 2019, and is shaping up for a comeback in 2024. The Arena League is a brand new football league that is looking to begin play in 2024.

Commissioner Brown told the people of Waterloo in a May press conference that the Arena League is coming to the Cedar Valley because "people wanted it:"

They were chosen because of the fan support we got when we sent out the information [....] overwhelmingly the city said yes we want a team here so that is why we were in Springfield. That is why we were in Duluth and we have one more city we will announce in the next couple of weeks, and that is why we are excited because the city and fans are excited. - per KWWL

Photo Credit: KCRG-TV9, YouTube
Photo Credit: KCRG-TV9, YouTube

More About the Waterloo Woo:

You can find out more about the Waterloo Woo on their official website, and see the full schedule on their Facebook page!

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