We encounter tons of signs while we're driving. Plenty of them are easy to comprehend. There's the stop sign, the speed limit sign, a recommended slower speed for a curve, just to name a few. However, there's apparently one that Iowans struggle with mightily. This one:

IDOT Facebook
IDOT Facebook

Yes, the ole Deer Crossing Sign. In a post on their Facebook page, the Iowa Department of Transportation says they get questioned about it all the time. Try not to laugh, but this is the question:

Why don't you put these signs where it is safer for the deer to cross?

The DOT's response?

Deer can't read signs. Drivers can. This sign isn't intended to tell deer where to cross, it's for drivers to be alert that deer have been in this area in the past.

That's just funny. Apparently, we think it's a crosswalk for deer. However, I bet the thought HAS crossed your mind. You were just too smart to say it. Or were you?

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