A ruling by the Iowa Supreme Court is likely to be met with cheers from three different Iowa cities, including Cedar Rapids. Many drivers will probably think otherwise.

Iowa's high court has ruled that the Iowa Department of Transportation cannot regulate the use of traffic cameras on Iowa interstates. The ruling means that the cameras on I-380 in Cedar Rapids, as well as those in Muscatine and Des Moines, will likely be turned back on. In turn, fines for speeding, via the cameras, would again be issued. The three cities had sued the Iowa Department of Transportation, in order to keep those speed cameras up. For now, in this ever-changing story, they've won.

According to KCCI, the Iowa Supreme Court's ruling stated:

The IDOT’s general mission to preserve motorist safety is not enough to allow it to deviate from its specific statutory authority, by treating an ATE system as a right-of-way obstruction.

WHO says the ruling also said,

We conclude that the IDOT was without statutory authority to promulgate its administrative rules regarding the municipalities’ ATE systems. We reverse the district court’s order and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

This is the end, right? Never say never, when it comes to those cameras. The volleying of the law regarding those cameras heads back to the lower courts. Hopefully, I don't need to tell you this, but slow down.

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