There is going to be a lot of talk about red and blue states in the coming days. But several other states in this election cycle went another color. Green. Marijuana issues on ballots in several states won approval on Tuesday as the march towards legalization continues.

In 2012, Colorado and Washington first approved the drug for recreational use. Last night, California, Massachusetts, and Nevada added their names to the list. On the medicinal side, Florida, North Dakota, and Arkansas all approved the use of the drug for various medical reasons. Medical marijuana is now legal in 25 states. And that brings me to our state of Iowa. We just can't seem to get the ball rolling on loosening up medical restrictions.

Personally, I say legalize all of it. Medical, recreational, whatever. Then you can tax the crap out of it just like the government does everything else. Think of the revenues the state could be reaping. Not to mention all the sick people, many of which are children, who could benefit from the medicines produced from marijuana.

I was at an uptown event in Marion several years ago and I was talking to a gentleman about legalizing marijuana. He told me that he was headed to Colorado. I asked what for. He told be that he had investors lined up and that he and a friend were starting a marijuana farm. I was amazed. He told me how the drug was about to be legal in the state and how that once they were able to begin sales they would make start up money back in less than two years! Sure enough, Colorado legalized in 2012, and this guy is rolling in the green. Sorry....that was just too easy.

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