It's safe to assume that if you live in the Midwest, chances are that you're going to run into a deer at some point. Or at least, sadly, see the remains from someone who did.

But just how likely is this to happen in Iowa, you ask? Well, according to a report from it's highly likely. They took 2016 data from insurance company, State Farm, to determine the '10 Worst States for Deer Crashes'. State Farm uses "claims data and driver counts to determine the likelihood that a motorist will hit a deer in each of the 50 states."

Iowa ranked #4 on the list! With the odds of hitting a deer at 1 in 68. The article claims that the Iowa Department of Natural resources states that "deer thrive in the Hawkeye State and number about 400,000 after hunting season". Be careful on those roads folks!

See how we compared to some of the other states on the list:
10. Mississippi
8. & 9. Wyoming & Michigan
7. Minnesota
6. Wisconsin
5. South Dakota
4. Iowa
3. Pennsylvania
2. Montana
1. West Virginia

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