You know what I hate? Well, lots of things, but one of those things is spiders. I am absolutely terrified of spiders, and it's always fun to let people know that because then they start tagging you in every single spider video on Facebook. The good news is, I'm not alone in my arachnophobia.

In honor of the Halloween, the home security site recently put together a list titled: America’s Top-Searched Phobias in 2018. Do you have a guess on what the winner for Iowa is? Yep, it's SPIDERS. "Fear of spiders" was tied with "fear of people" for the most-searched phobia in the entire country, both coming in first place in 11 different states. "Fear of driving" came in second place, followed by "fear of heights," "fear of needles," and "fear of commitment" with three states each.

Here are the most-searched phobias in surrounding states:

  • Wisconsin/Minnesota/Nebraska - Fear of People
  • Missouri - Fear of Commitment
  • South Dakota - Fear of Needles
  • Illinois - Fear of Being Alone

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