This is certainly not what I was expecting...

According to Mashable, the mobile payment company Square put together a map of the U.S. based on the most popular flavor of ice cream in each state. To determine their list, they "collected data from their vendors." Not a very detailed explanation, but ok!

Not surprisingly, chocolate ice cream was the most popular choice overall, being number one in 14 different states. Vanilla came in a close second with 12 states, and then 3rd place was brownie ice cream in 8 states. The winner for Iowa is... malt?

I guess I'm just a little confused by the choice. I've heard of malt milkshakes, but malt ice cream? Do they just use malted milk powder when they make the ice cream? And how does that make it taste different than standard ice cream? All questions Google could answer, I'm sure. I feel like there HAS to be a more popular flavor here in Iowa, though.

Malt was also the most popular choice in Minnesota and Nebraska, while South Dakota and Missouri chose chocolate, Wisconsin chose cookie dough (my personal favorite), and Illinois chose Oreo.

Oh, by the way, did we mention July is National Ice Cream Month? Because of that, we are taking a survey of our own! What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? Leave yours in the comments below!

[Via Mashable]

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