Dessert, anyone?

A new survey from Google Trends has revealed the most popular recipe in each state, and the choice for Iowa is definitely not what I expected. What recipe are Iowans googling the most? No, it's not a tenderloin or something involving corn, it's actually frosting!

Apparently, we LOVE homemade frosting here in Iowa! And we're not alone because Arizona also Google-searched "frosting" more than any other recipe. Most of the time, I just do store-bought frosting because it's easier, but I always make my own for sugar cookies (just milk and powdered sugar!). Here are a few of the other winners here in the Midwest:

  • Illinois - Cookies
  • Missouri - Smoothies
  • Nebraska - Apple Pie
  • South Dakota - Prime Rib
  • Minnesota - Shortcake
  • Wisconsin - Caramel

Do you have a favorite frosting recipe? Share yours in the comments!

[Via Thrillist]

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