This one comes down to the wire and it's awesome.

In the ACC Basketball game between Pittsburgh and Boston College, the real excitement happened at half time. Often the half time entertainment involves the baby races. Kids that have figured out crawling but have not quite gotten the walking part down. A mom or dad will have their child at the free throw line and the other parent will be at half court and which ever baby makes it to the other parent first, is the winner. You can see in the photo above the distance between first and second place, but who will be the winner? See the end of the race below.

We also have the video of the full race in it's entirety. But be warned... The Song Babyshark is playing quite clearly over the PA system. If you don't want to hear that song (or you don't want your toddler to hear the song and want you to play it), be sure to watch the video on mute.

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