There's nothing I love more than a bar that also serves amazing pizza. The website Thrillist recently put together a list titled, "The Wildest, Most Fun Bar in Every State," and the winner for Iowa is a place that's NOT in Eastern Iowa... yet.

Before we get to that, though, we need to know how Thrillist came up with their list. The article states, "The selections included here might not be the absolute rowdiest places in town (though, sometimes they are), but they are joints that anyone -- of any age, of any walk of life -- should be able to walk into on any given night, and expect the dopamine to flow like against all odds, like a trout swimming upstream."

Fong's Pizza in Des Moines has been named the most fun bar in the entire state, and here's why:

"First of all: we, as a society, do not have nearly enough hybrid pizzeria tiki bars. We especially don't have enough places like Fong's, where hordes of Iowans gather in varying stages of sobriety to partake in kamikaze shots while wearing restaurant-provided fighter pilot helmets, suck down huge fishbowls of brightly colored booze with reckless abandon, attempt to counterbalance said fishbowl with several slices of crab rangoon pizza (tastes as good as it sounds), and pay for it all dearly the next morning."

The coolest part about Fong's winning for Iowa? The fact that they announced last month that a brand new Cedar Rapids location this spring! Fong's will be located in the former Betas Restaurant in the NewBo District. It will be the third location for the restaurant, with the other two in Des Moines and Ankeny. I've only been to Fong's once in my life, but I do remember that the slice of pizza I had during my quick visit was really good. Their Crab Rangoon Pizza was actually just named one of the must-try meals in the state of Iowa for 2018! I can't wait until they open up that new location here in CR so I can finally try it!

Check out the rest of the list HERE.

[Via Thrillist]

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