Ah, kids! Sometimes you love 'em, and sometimes they make you want to rip out all your hair.

This morning I came across the story from a mom in the U.K. whose child did the unthinkable. Her 2-year-old son apparently destroyed around $120,000 worth of antiques at somebody else's home, and it was all thanks to one little button on a remote that was left on a coffee table. That button started a chain of events that ended with a collection of antiques crashing to the ground, leaving the mom totally mortified. You can read more on the story HERE.

I think most parents have experienced their child damaging or destroying something, but sometimes those things are valuable or really expensive. We took to Facebook this morning to ask you, "what's the most expensive thing your child has ever broken or destroyed?" and the answers did not disappoint!

What expensive or valuable item did your kid destroy? Share your story with us in the comments!

[Via MSN]

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