Car crashes claim hundreds of lives each year in Iowa. Many of those occur on rural roads. But some of the deadliest driving areas in the state are right here in Cedar Rapids.

That's what a local law firm discovered when they investigated the most dangerous intersections in Cedar Rapids.

With data received from the Iowa Department of Transportation, VanDerGinst Law compiled and ranked over 200 accidents based on the State of Iowa’s crash severity index.

Their findings discovered the following:

  • Accidents are most common in more congested areas of Cedar Rapids including the downtown area, but they are often less severe.
  • The most severe crashes tend to occur on I-380, especially close to the Cedar River as the highway curves.
  • Severe crashes are also common on straight stretches of highway, likely because motorists are traveling at a high rate of speed on those roads.

Using this information, VanDerGinst Law created an Interactive Crash Map that plots out where over 200 crashes have occurred in recent years.

Here are four of the most dangerous intersections in Cedar Rapids:

1st Ave West & 6th St. - This area near the river sees frequent crashes, with several of them being in the top 50 ranked by severity.

A Ave NE & 8th St NE - While the severity of the crashes at this intersection aren’t as bad as other places, there were several crashes in the same place according to our data.

Johnson Ave & Edgewood Rd NW - This intersection had 3 crashes in the top 50 for worst crashes overall. These include 5 major injuries.

Wright Bros. Blvd & 6th Street - This intersection recorded 6 crashes. Of these, 4 were in the top 50 by severity index, and there was one fatality crash reported here.

You can read the full report here.

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