There are lots of great brands from the state of Iowa, but only one could come out on top! The Daily Mail recently published an article revealing the most beloved consumer brand from every state, and the pick for Iowa was Von Maur!

The site OnDeck looked at over two million tweets about 500 different brands here in the U.S. to figure out the brands that people love the most, and people in Iowa have a lot of good things to say about Von Maur! The study says that 77.3% of the tweets about the company were positive.

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Google Maps

According to Wikipedia, Von Maur was started by German immigrant J. H. C. Petersen and his three sons back in 1872 in Davenport, Iowa. Then in 1916, one of his sons sold the family store to R.H. Harned, C.J. von Maur, and Cable von Maur. The Von Maur family took over full ownership of the store in 1937 and still run the company to this day! Von Maur sells clothes, accessories, shoes, jewelry, make-up, skincare products, home decor, kitchenware, furniture, and more.

Von Maur's website says that there are currently 37 Von Maur stores across 15 different states and that the company is still expanding. The corporate headquarters and E-commerce store are still "proudly located in Davenport, Iowa," along with five other stores in the state:

  • College Square Mall, Cedar Falls
  • Lindale Mall, Cedar Rapids
  • Iowa River Landing, Coralville
  • NorthPark Mall, Davenport
  • Jordan Creek Town Center, West Des Moines

You can also shop Von Maur online HERE.

Other top brands here in the Midwest include:

You can check out the rest of the map HERE.

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