How low can we go? Even with the slight rise in crude oil prices, the price of gas continues to fall. Several weeks ago I wrote about how gas would likely dip below the $1 mark. Even as I typed the words, I thought to myself, I'll believe it when I see it. Well, get ready Iowa. It's coming soon to a gas station near you.

For the seventh straight week, the average price of gas has fallen. Last week the average price fell just over 7 cents per gallon. According to AAA, the national average sits at $1.84 per gallon and Iowa remains one of the cheapest places in the nation to buy gas. Low gas prices is great news for consumers like you and me. Not so great for folks in the fuel industry.

According to GasBuddy, prices in the Cedar Rapids area have fallen to around $1.16 per gallon. In the Des Moines area, it's even cheaper. Stations there are selling gas for around $1.06 per gallon. No doubt some of you have already seen stations selling for .99 cents per gallon. If you haven't, just wait. The march towards .99 continues!


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