If you get a text saying that your FedEx package is waiting for you to "set delivery preferences," don't bother clicking on the link. It's just another scam that's making the rounds.

According to CNN, a new text message scam has started popping up on phones all over the country. People have reported receiving texts that say something along the lines of:

"Hello [YOUR NAME], your FEDEX package with tracking code [CODE NUMBER] is waiting for you to set delivery preferences: [LINK]."

The article says:

"The link directs people to a fake Amazon listing and then asks them to take a customer satisfaction survey, according to HowToGeek.com. After answering a couple questions, the scam then asks for personal information and a credit card number to claim a free gift."

FedEx wants people to know that they would never send a text asking for any money or personal information, and that any of these texts that are received need to be reported to abuse@fedex.com.
If you actually have ordered a package and you want to check if the tracking number is legit or not, copy and paste it into the tracking portion of the official FedEx website HERE.
Read more about the scam HERE.

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