Every year there is a 'hot' toy for Christmas. Every year children beg and plead for these toys. They are moderately priced and you say to yourself, sure, lets get one. But what you don't know is that the demand is so great for this toy that the supply simply can't keep up. You begin to look to Amazon and Ebay. That toy that was once priced within your range, is now hopelessly out of it. In 2016 that toy is called The Hatchimal.

Austin1414-US via Amazon.com
Austin1414-US via Amazon.com

The Hatchimal comes in an egg, and with careful care, you get to help 'hatch' your little creature. It's a creative take on plush toys and the gimmick caught the attention of kids right away. Now originally, Hatchimals sold for $49.99 at retailers like Target and Wal-Mart. But when parents bought those stores out, the re-stocks couldn't come fast enough. Is that a toy company not understanding how popular their toy is? Or is it a toy company CREATING demand?

You be the judge. I checked Target's website this morning and they list the original retail price but are sold out. Wal-Mart just directs you to Amazon.com, which is selling them from $200 on up. If you feel like risking it on Ebay, prices range from $120 to $300 and beyond. The sad thing is you'll be able to get one in January once the fever subsides!

My advice, unless your holiday budget knows no boundaries, wait on the Hatchimal.