When you've got a multitude of snakes, who ya gonna call? Apparently, you call a Cedar Rapids man named Don Becker.

An eastern Iowa farmer was reconstructing an old farm this week when he came upon an old well, no longer in use. In that old well, he also found a pit of snakes. He thought there were 14, but he was off. Way off.

The man didn't want to kill all the snakes, so he contacted Cedar Rapids' "snake man," Don Becker. Becker was told to expect 14 snakes but knew there would be more. He told KWWL,

I knew there was going to be some more, some where, but I didn't think we'd find as many as we did. We were finding more and more snakes with every hole we opened."

There were more alright. They were in the walls, they were even in the pipes. To me, this is a week of nightmares waiting to happen, but to Becker, it's no big deal. He's a volunteer with the Department of Natural Services and works full-time for HerpMapper, compiling and distributing information he learns about amphibians and reptiles, like snakes.

Becker captured 49 snakes in that well. Thirty-eight of them were Western Fox snakes with the other 11 being Blue Racers.

The four dozen-plus snakes now reside in Becker's Cedar Rapids home. In the spring they'll return to the farm, about the same time my dreams will return to normalcy. I hope.

[via KWWL]

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