One of the best things about living in Iowa is that folks are genuinely nice here. There's not a lot of big-city big shot snobbery here in this flyover state.

But there are some of us who take the whole "Iowa Nice" thing too far. Here are five signs that you're being too “Iowa nice".

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    Alamy Stock Photo

    Constant Compliments

    Iowa nice goes too far when you constantly compliment others on their appearance and wardrobe. It's fine to notice a co-worker's new hairstyle and say something nice about a new outfit, but too many compliments sound like you're always sucking up. Cut it out. It makes us uncomfortable.

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    Constant Apologizing

    Did you take the last donut? It's OK, really. Did you forget to refill the paper in the office copier? Forget it. Your constant apology for everything you do comes across as low self-esteem. And the things that you're apologizing for...not really that big of a deal.

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    You NEVER Disagree

    Iowa nice goes too far when you remain silent especially when you disagree with your co-workers. Whether it's a complex work project that could really use your honest opinion and expertise or a suggestion on simply where to go for your lunch, your silence is deafening. Speak up!

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    It's ALWAYS Spectacular

    Your Iowa Nice is particularly annoying when every time you DO speak up, it's "awesome!" or "sensational" You don't just "like" every Facebook post, you LOVE them...every time and every subject. It drives many of your co-workers a little crazy...but like you, they're too  Iowa nice to say anything about it! CUT it OUT.

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    Wavebreakmedia Ltd

    You always defer just to keep the peace

    You want to be a "team player." You don't want to be branded as "difficult". But your Iowa nice goes too far when you always defer to others' preferences. You need to speak up once in a while, not just to disagree, but to add your voice and vote to the process of how things are run. Your point of view is more important than you give yourself credit for, so let's hear it!

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