Early this morning, the temperature in Cedar Rapids hit 32 degrees. It's the first time this fall that our temperature has hit the freezing point. That means most of us will see the first frost of the season this morning. That is a welcome word for allergy sufferers. But will a frost actually help?

First the bad news. If you suffer from the watery eyes, nasal congestion, and other fun symptoms that come with seasonal allergies, you probably won't see any relief quite yet. First, let's look at the different kind of freezes. The Old Farmer's Almanac describes them like this.

  • Light Freeze - 29 to 32 degrees - smaller, tender plants are killed.
  • Moderate Freeze - 25 to 28 degrees - destructive to most plants.
  • Severe Freeze - 24 degrees or below - heavy damage to all plants.

So this morning's low of 32 degrees might kill off a few plants and allergens but most will still survive. But the good news is we're probably only weeks away from the freeze that WILL take care of all our allergy problems. A moderate freeze lasting for just a couple of hours will usually do the trick. That will typically happen towards the end of October. Hang in there allergy sufferers!


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