My kids have only been out of school three weeks. Three weeks! It's already becoming a struggle to find things to keep them busy. And that, of course, can cost money. As a matter of fact, it will cost nearly $500 to keep your kids 'busy' this summer. The struggle is real parents.

What does that $500 get you? Well, it includes spending over $300 on toys and activities to keep them busy. Another $175 for trips and vacations. It doesn't even include the cost of babysitters and the need for daycare.

Our kids have been pretty good this summer. I haven't heard the phrase "there's nothing to do" too many times. We try and keep the kids active by going to parks, splash pads, and to the public swimming pools on a regular basis. But that can cost money. Taking my family of five to a pool costs us $25 just to get in plus snacks and drinks. We try and take in a few movies during the summer too, but that can cost a family like mine over $75 if you buy concessions.

Chase and I have been fishing several times since school has been out. That has proven to be cost effective. After I purchased my license and got a few supplies, the only thing we have to buy when we go out is some live bait.

Parents, I get it. Keeping the kids busy can strap you for cash. Make sure and do your research! There are plenty of affordable and many times free activities for kids and families this summer if you look hard! Breathe deep and is only two months away!


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