If you had to travel for the holidays, or are planning a trip anytime soon you won't face any dangerous winter driving conditions. At least not yet. But what you will face is another danger. Deer. They're seemingly everywhere and the nice weather means they're moving around a lot too.

According to officials with State Farm Insurance, one in 69 Iowans hit a deer in 2017. Officials say this year looks to be another normal year for collisions, although many of the accidents are happening later in the year because of the lack of snow and ice. During a normal year, there are hundreds of collisions between motorists and deer. The Iowa DOT keeps track of the accidents and pinpoints them on this map.

Officials with the Iowa State Patrol remind drivers that deer usely cross roadways at the same spot. Troopers say there are over a dozen spots along I-380 where deer cross regularly. They remind drivers to remember where deer cross. If you see one in a location, chances are you will see one there again in the future.

Troopers also remind motorists that hitting a deer will cost you, but it shouldn't cost you your life. Don't veer for deer.


[via KWWL]

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