According to Travel and Leisure, Eastern Iowa is home to the best camping spot in the state!

"Check your claustrophobia at the entrance to this unusual park, where visitors strap on headlamps and unleash their inner Indiana Jones to venture into a series of underground enclosures that range from cavernous hollows to tight, crawl-your-way-in tunnels. When daylight beckons, there are spring wildflowers, natural bridges and a petite wooded campground with modern facilities."

Sound familiar? That's what Travel and Leisure had to say about the winning campsite for the state of Iowa, Maquoketa Caves State Park. The website put together a list of the best place to go camping in each state, and I can't complain about their choice! Although I've never been camping at the Maquoketa Caves, I have been hiking there and it's absolutely GORGEOUS. Plus, Bluff Lake Catfish Farm isn't too far away!

For campsite details and availability, you can click HERE. In the meantime, please enjoy these stunning photos from the park:

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