We asked you to help us 'Light Up the Corridor' and you did not disappoint. We received TONS of photos showing holiday light displays all across eastern Iowa, and now we've chosen our winner.

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There were so many amazing displays, but we could only choose one winner to receive the $1,000 prize. That winner is (drumroll)....Cody Poehnelt! Cody's display gave us that Christmas "wow" factor. Check it out below:

Cody Poehnelt
Cody Poehnelt

This display, at East Butler and Reynolds in Manchester, took some work. After doing some digging (Facebook creeping) we discovered just what all this display entails.

As you can see it includes 50,000 lights, 56 various trees, 21 deer, 60 candy canes, and that's not all. Wowzers. It looks like that hard work paid off Cody, congrats!

This wasn't the only dazzling display. We received so many beautiful photos of your homes. Thank you so much to everyone who put in the work to create their holiday light displays and who took the time to send us a photo. If you want to take a virtual tour of the lights in the area, you can do so in the gallery below.

Happy Holidays and thanks to the Hazy Hideaway on Kirkwood Court Southwest in Cedar Rapids for making this contest possible!

Holiday Light Displays in the Corridor 2020

Show us your holiday light display. Send us a photo in the app!

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