If you're involved in an office gift exchange or you have a little secret Santa thing going on at work, and you have NO IDEA what to get the person, here are some ideas that are guaranteed to work.

After several years of participating in random gift exchanges, I have figured out one thing: I will always, ALWAYS get the person I know the least. Without fail! I remember one year I got the brand new guy, and I mean BRAND new, and I went into a panic because WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO GET SOMEONE I'VE ONLY MET A HANDFUL OF TIMES?! My solution is and always will be... food! Who doesn't enjoy a giant Reese's Cup and some cookies?

As it turns out, food is one of the most loved gifts that coworkers have received, so I didn't do too bad! According to a new survey, 94% of people feel it's important to get the right gift for someone they work with. Additionally, 54% of people prefer gifts that are thoughtful, while 45% enjoy something practical. Here's a list of the best items to buy for a coworker:

  1. Gift cards (25%)
  2. Food/Alcohol (11%)
  3. Technology (8%)
  4. Office supplies (5%)
  5. Something homemade (3%)

So there you go! If you're struggling with finding a gift, gift cards, food, and alcohol are always good choices (and they're easy!). Happy shopping!

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