Say goodbye to the giant cinnamon rolls! According to their Facebook page, The Bakery of Cedar Rapids is closing its doors.

Located at 4719 J Street SW, The Bakery of Cedar Rapids opened a little over two years ago. The restaurant serves all sorts of different options, but it is best known for its Mexican meals and baked goods, especially the cinnamon rolls. They broke the bad news to customers on social media earlier this week, writing:

"Attention customers of the Bakery of Cedar Rapids: DECEMBER 20TH WILL BE THE FINAL DAY THE BAKERY IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Sadly, we have decided to close this location and revert the bakery to the test kitchen we originally intended. After the 20th, we will no longer offer public access to the building. PLEASE USE ANY OUTSTANDING GIFT CARDS PRIOR TO December 20th!!! Any gift cards not used in the next three weeks will be voided. We have truly appreciated your business these past two and a half years. Thank you Cedar Rapids!"

Many people in the comments asked if their products will still be available for purchase elsewhere, but, unfortunately, the answer is no. In one of the comments, they note that the location of the restaurant was probably the "biggest downfall."

You still have two weeks before The Bakery of Cedar Rapids closes, so enjoy the food while you still can! Keep up to date with the latest from the restaurant HERE.

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