So, this season of The Bachelorette, right? Upon first review, the newest crop of contestants seemed only slightly more of a mixed bag than usual. But just three episodes in, it's become clear that it's a season of firsts: First round-the-clock security guard at the Romance Villa to make sure no one gets choked in their sleep, for one.

The main reason for the canceled cocktail parties and Chris Harrison interventions has so far been Chad, a protein shake and "meat plate"-gobbling volcanic pit of rage. Chad maintained that his all-around terrible remarks and threats of violence were provoked by his housemates, which wasn't entirely untrue; he did rough up and threaten Erectile Dysfunction Expert Evan's shirt in response to Evan's awkward "standup set" that accused Chad of being 'roided out. But Chad also angered competitors with gross power-move attempts like trying to kiss/claim JoJo in front of everyone, and served up frequently contrarian (and gross) comments including "I’d be happier not having [JoJo] in a bathing suit so they couldn’t see her in a bathing suit. I know what she PROBABLY looks like, I can tell through her dress.” Cool brag!

JoJo seemed remarkably oblivious to Chad's antics for some time, and if the show's edited account of events is to be believed, she didn't even begin to clue in until Episode 3's standup showdown.

"There's certain things about Chad I like," JoJo mused, hopefully before learning that his bunkmate was afraid to sleep in the same room with him, and hearing the many nasty personal insults he spewed on a constant basis. What, exactly, did she like? His smug face? His pecs? I'll admit that JoJo and I clearly don't share a physical "type."

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.50.05 PM

While it's entirely possible JoJo didn't see Chad's unpleasant "confessional cam" remarks about her and the other competitors until the show aired, and she wasn't in the house to witness the increasingly bizarre confrontations, how could she not notice his creepitude from the jump? It was glaringly obvious even in his smallest interactions with others, even just based on their body language alone. He even called her "naggy" on an early group date, because she asked him to perform a task required of everyone (this request to join in on show activities was a frequent sticking point for Chad, a man who volunteered to be on this show).


Did the producers convince JoJo to keep Chad so long for entertainment value, or does she truly lack rudimentary observational skills? And how could she possibly let Ali the beautiful, mild-mannered piano player go without a single one-on-one date?

Seriously JoJo, you pick perpetually glassy-eyed walking Caesar haircut Vinny over ALI? You keep DANIEL, who admitted to snipping locks of a sleeping girl's hair, but you send sunny Christian packing?

Chad was finally cut loose after his "unmasking" during his two-on-one date with JoJo and military man Alex — except everyone had already told her he was a jerk, she knew there was a security guard in the house because his roommates didn't feel safe and he'd embarrassed himself at the group standup date. Is this poor storyline construction on the Bachelorette producers' part, or was JoJo really that blinded by his enormous jaw?

Tune in two weeks from now to see what terrible choices JoJo makes next! At this rate, I don't like my true love Wells' chances.

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