It finally happened! The Bachelor women confronted each other after all the drama this season, and there was just as much yelling as you'd expect. Let "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" review began!

The episode started with clips of Bachelor Chris crashing Iowa "Bachelor" viewing parties. Apparently, if Chris Soules shows up at your door, all etiquette rules go out the window. These women were literally jumping all over him, wrapping their legs around his waist, screaming, spilling alcohol, and one woman even kissed him ON THE MOUTH. I was laughing hysterically, it was so entertaining. Definitely the best part of the episode.

Then the fighting began. They started with the Britt vs. Carly drama right out of the gate, and it was incredibly uncomfortable. Britt tried asking Carly why she pretended to be her friend when she was actively rooting against her, and Carly tried to pretend she was just being civil and there was never any friendship. There was a lot of interrupting and shouting over each other, and I think even Chris Harrison felt a little uneasy. The famous Britt crying face made an appearance, and I honestly felt really bad for her. Sure, there were some times on the show that she drove me absolutely nuts, but they way some of the girls attacked her was just too harsh. I definitely think some of the hatred Carly has for her is rooted in jealousy, especially after watching a recap of some of her statements during the season.

Next up: the moment we've ALL been waiting for - KELSEY RETURNS. We all knew Kelsey was psychotic during her time on the show, but last night she verified that she is STILL crazy. Her apology to the ladies seemed SUPER insincere, and when asked if she knew WHY the girls didn't like her, she responded with, "I use big words." Uh. No. She tried to explain her big, "I LOVE my story," moment that made people hate her so much, but really, everything that comes out of her mouth seems like a huge lie. Ashley I. finally got to confront her after the whole 2-on-1 disaster, which felt really rewarding for some reason. Kelsey did breakdown and cry, though. How sincere it was, we may never know.

Then it was the return of Ashley S. aka Onion Girl, and the first thing she did was hand Chris an onion! She had me dying laughing. Whether she's just really a little bit crazy, or she's just acting, she still cracks me up. She said things like, "I was so bored, honestly" and "I like to ride bikes." And, my favorite quote of the night, "It's so weird that we're on TV." She was definitely not right for Chris, but she was still highly entertaining. Somebody give that girl a reality show!

When Chris finally made his appearance, he was confronted by Britt, Jade, AND Kaitlyn (separately, of course), and he was noticeably uncomfortable. He had no real answers or excuses for anything, but he was very nice about all of it, which somehow made that ok. He did huff and puff a few times, which drove me ABSOLUTELY INSANE.

The Bachelor three hour finale airs next Monday night!

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