Monday nights mean new episodes of The Bachelor, and last night's episode did not disappoint! Plenty of drama, deceit, and the TOTALLY CRAZY girls had me hooked!


The first date of the night with Carly was suuuuuuper awkward. Chris took her to see a "Love Guru," who actually turned out to be a "Sex Guru," which is PRETTY uncomfortable for a first date. There was a lot of heavy breathing and the smearing of chocolate across Chris' face, and I was thankful when the date FINALLY ended. Then Carly went into this whole story about how her ex wouldn't be intimate with her, which was really sad and awful. I started off the episode with a new appreciation for Carly, but I still don't think she's going to win.

Now... THE DRAMA. The group date was a white water rafting trip, where we start to see Kelsey's crazy side. Later on, the girls are waiting on Chris to show up for the second part of the date, and he's late because, SURPRISE! Jordan (Drunk Girl) is back and wants to be put back on the show! Chris shows up to the date with Jordan and all the girls totally freak out. They spend the entire night individually telling Chris that she needs to leave, until he finally gets rid of her. In the meantime, Whitney and Ashley are arguing over whether or not they should be NICE to Jordan. That's when we see how sweet Whitney is, and what a TOTAL WITCH Ashley is. I already knew I didn't like her, but after this week, I cannot STAND her. She behaves like a catty 15 year old girl. She's basically the Regina George of The Bachelor. Yuck!

Britt gets the second date - a trip in a hot air balloon! She claims she has a phobia of heights and starts crying before the date, then is magically prefectly fine when it comes time to float around in the sky! Kind of weird if you ask me...

While Britt is having a wonderful date, all the girls sit around and talk crap about her. Yes, Ashley is involved, but Megan seems to be the ring-leader this time around. She clearly has some sort of SERIOUS issue with Britt, judging from the things she says about her. Jealousy, I'm assuming.

But the REAL issue here is Kelsey. Kelsey has been YEARNING to tell Chris about her dead husband Sanderson, for some weird reason. It's ALL SHE TALKED ABOUT. Now, I may sound kind of insensitive, but it's because I honestly don't know if I believe her. Kelsey sneaks away to tell Chris and he's very sweet about it. But during the interview AFTER their little chat, the tears are magically gone, and she's SMILING, and says, "Isn't my story amazing?! I LOVE my story!" YOUR HUSBAND IS DEAD. NO, THAT'S NOT AN AMAZING STORY. THAT'S A TERRIBLE AND TRAGIC STORY. ARE YOU EVEN A REAL PERSON? YOU'RE INSANE.

The episode ends with a "To Be Continued..." Chris walks out of the rose ceremony, for some unknown reason, and then Kelsey lays down on the floor and cries while paramedics examine her, because of a so-called, "panic attack." She is genuinely CRAZY. I don't believe anything that comes out her mouth, and I hope Chris sees that, too. The worst part is that she is a guidance counselor, which means she is influencing CHILDREN. I'm legitimately concerned.

What are your thoughts on last night's episode? Share below!

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