It looks like Cedar Bayou won't be coming to Hawkeye Downs after all.

The people behind the 70,000 square foot Cedar Bayou Aquatic Center & Water Park are on the hunt for a new location. Hawkeye Downs in Cedar Rapids was originally supposed to be home to the new water park and hotel, but the land turned out to be unfit for such a huge project. According to a statement published on CBS 2:

"Following the analysis of a geotechnical investigation performed earlier this year, it was determined that the ground was not suitable for a project of our size and weight without significant increases in construction and structural costs. We are disappointed that we will not be able to build on a great site in cooperation with Hawkeye Downs."

The good news is, the builders have been keeping different sites on their radar, just in case something like this happened, so they are currently selecting an alternative spot. They still plan to open the second half of 2018.

You can read the full statement published on CBS 2 HERE.

Where would you like to see this new water park in Cedar Rapids? Leave your thoughts below!

[Via CBS 2]

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