If you haven't been to downtown Iowa City lately, you may not know that construction is underway at a brand new Target store!

We first got wind of the potential new Target store back in August of 2019. Just a few days later, the project officially became a reality. The new Target is located in the building that formerly housed the Brown Bottle restaurant at 115 E. Washington Street. The space is about 24,000 square feet, which means that this won't be your typical large Target store. According to the September 2019 article from KCRG:

"The retail giant will open a small-format store, formerly called TargetExpress, along Washington Street in Iowa City. These stores are smaller than a typical Target location, but still have options like fresh produce, snacks and other home goods. The first location for this store concept opened near the University of Minnesota campus in 2014."

An early article from The Gazette says these smaller Target stores can range anywhere from 15,000 to 40,000 square feet and have become popular in college towns these past few years. Since the nearest Target is currently located at Coral Ridge Mall in Coralville, this will be much more convenient for college students who prefer to bike or walk to their destinations.

A brand new gallery from the Iowa City Press-Citizen gives us a look at the progress that's been made on the Iowa City store over the past few months. Initially, the opening date for the store was simply listed as "summer of 2020," but now we know the actual expected opening date. The news outlet reports that a sign on the front doors says they plan to open August 16th. You can check out that gallery of photos from the Iowa City Press-Citizen HERE.

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