If your expecting a refund on your taxes this year, expect it to take a little longer this year.

From the Des Moines Register... "the Iowa Department of Revenue said, the federal government delayed processing earned-income tax credit refunds to provide stronger fraud safeguards, which backed up Iowa's efforts." Victoria Daniels, a spokeswoman with the department of revenue says ""In the past, our focus was on turning those refunds as quickly as possible." "Our focus now is protecting our taxpayers, and making sure the refund is going to the right" individual.

If you haven't filed your taxes yet, you still have time. The state tax filing deadline is Monday May 1st. Normally it's April 30, but that day falls on a Sunday so you have an extra day. Federal tax deadline (April 15th) also falls on the weekend, so your deadline now is Monday April 18th.

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