The past twelve months have caused many of us to experience unprecedented hardships. And aren't we all tired of hearing the word "unprecedented" used in almost every other sentence? I know I can't wait to live in some regular precedented times.

Once again the deadline for income tax filings has been moved back. Last year we saw this happen on a federal level to make sure that some Americans still had a leg to stand on.

As reported by Radio Iowa, the deadline for Iowans to file their taxes has been pushed from April to June. From April 30th to June 1st; that means that those of us paying taxes in the state of Iowa have approximately 32 more days to do the most boring thing imaginable...file taxes.

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The federal government already pushed the due date back a month, from April 15th to May 17th. This is coming on the coattails of an expanded unemployment package that was approved by U.S. Congress last year, and the Iowa State legislatures are attempting to do the very same thing.

For more information make sure to check out the Iowa Department of Revenue's website. The website has tools to help you figure out tax form information, get guidance on tax types, and answer any other frequently asked questions.

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