Today celebrates two of my favorite things: Halloween and Taste Bud Trivia!

Today it was a Halloween edition of Taste Bud Trivia as the whole gang was dressed in costume. Brain and Courtlin were Taco Belle and Bob James and I were Jack & Coke. Together we made for one good Saturday night.


This week's food was both a trick and a treat! It looked like a normal sweet candy cane from the outside, but really it was bacon flavored! Ahh! It's safe to say that bacon and candy don't go together. They were HORRIBLE. Just take a look at Courtlin's reaction and you'll see just how dreadful it was.

Neither the taco or Belle considered this a treat and won't be tricked again. We wouldn't recommend these bacon flavored candy canes this holiday season unless you're giving them as a joke. Once they take one bite, they'll know something is terribly wrong. You can try them for yourself by ordering them from Archie McPhee, a company that specializes in "weird".

Hopefully you don't get these in your Halloween candy tonight while you're trick-or-treating. Stay safe out there and Happy Halloween!

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