If you love fried chicken, you might want to give this new chip a try!

I have three words for you: Naked. Chicken. Chips.

Taco Bell has just launched the new Naked Chicken Chips across the U.S., and they look freaking awesome! I mean, just look at these for a second:

Foodbeast describes the new creation as, "a basket of golden brown, crispy, triangular bite size, slices of fried chicken, complete with dippable Nacho Cheese Sauce that delivers a mouth-watering twist on the classic chips-and- dip combo." I describe them as thin chicken nuggets that you get to dip in nacho cheese.

Earlier this year, Taco Bell started selling the Naked Chicken Chalupa, which was essentially a Chalupa with the chicken as the shell. It apparently did really well, but they pulled it from stores, anyways. That's ok, though, because this honestly looks so much better. I tried the NCC and I wasn't impressed. Maybe if I would've dipped it in delicious, gooey cheese I would've liked it better...

I will definitely be tasting these this weekend (since they launched yesterday), but if you get a chance to try them before me, be sure to leave a comment with your thoughts!

[Via Foodbeast]

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