I had some time to kill on Monday and my options were quite limited.I was having work done on my car and it was going to take a little longer than I initially anticipated so I could either A) stay at the repair shop and watch tv for two hours or I could walk to the mall and see what was going on there for two hours.  I chose the latter.

What I found out is that there is absolutely NOTHING going on at the mall on an early Monday afternoon.  Actually, I shouldn't be so critical.  I did witness two elderly ladies order waters and small coffees and then sit in an easily hidden area of the food court, pull homemade sandwiches out of their purses, and eat them while they chit-chatted about who knows what.  That was easily the most entertaining thing I saw or did - and yes, I did do a little shopping (bought nothing) before my two hours had elapsed and I walked back to get my car.

I guess if I learned anything on Monday afternoon, it's two things.  First, if you need to go to the mall and don't want to be hassled with large crowds - Monday afternoon is the time to do that.  And second, when you take your car in for repairs, always have a ride home lined up in case it's going to be a long wait.  I hope you enjoy my "nothing's going on at the mall" photo album!